unURBAN Adventures - Alaska to Argentina to AFRICA!


wow, i've been reading this entire thread over the last 3 weeks when I have spare time at my work (got my co-worker hooked also)

Gotta say this is the adventure of a life time..... I would love to be able to do this at sometime in my life

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Malin & Espen

A great read! It's like reading a good book, you don't want it to end. Wonderfully written by both of you and fantastic photography. All the best for you future adventures, love to see you in Australia some time.



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Well... I am new to this forum and over the past week I have read every single page! Love all the updates and love the Patrol! I myself have a Nissan Titan that me and my girlfriend are going to be converting to an overland vehicle. Our first trip we are starting to plan is gonna take us all over North America just to get a feel for it and then who knows!

Do you guys have any updates? New adventures? Where can I find another 100+ pages of your travels? This page single handedly has motivated us to do our trip so I say thank you!


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This has been an adventure that I believe a lot of people would like to do, myself included. Great photos, great report, wish I was there.

Thank You Again,


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You guys are made for traveling. From Alaska to Argentina to Africa, man that's lot of distance you guys had to pass through to made the journey memorable. I've become very inspired to do a similar journey but on shorter distances. Thanks for the images, have had wonderful time to watching the images.


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Such an amazingly well written story. Photograghy made me feel as if i was there with you. Thank you! Cant wait for your next journey.


Thank you so much for your posts. Unfortunately my girlfriend and I haven't had the chance to overland much but we do travel a ton. Merry Christmas from Marrakech. Hope one do to be able to write a trip report even half as good as yours


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Thank you Malin and Espen

Thank you for doing the difficult task of regularly posting your travels.
The logs are great, photos are wonderful. Happy trails.


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hey guys, just read your adventures, wow amazing journey. do you have anything else planned for 2016? have noticed the website appears down currently, hope just a glitch. look forward to hear from you guys soon.