Unstuck my transfer case shifter......

High Center

Then went on a 3 day motorcycle ride to the mountains. Got in the Disco this evening to continue my worklist. Stuck again.
3 days....

Console removal....x2...

"These are the days that try men's souls."


This is in my future on my Disco ii as well. I assume it is a royal pain. Did you remove the solenoid as well?

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I didn't. I opted for the "take the console off and soak the shifter box in penetrating fluid then pry, pry, pry" It worked but took a while. This evening as I was moving the disco into the garage to begin surgery, I was able to move the shifter again. Thank God.

In all honesty the console job isn't so bad. The second time would have gone much quicker.

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What do you mean stuck? Diff lock or high/low? If high/low its most likely the solenoid. Pull it and seal it back up. If diff lock, the it might be the switch, look in the manual on the adjustment procedure.


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REMOVE THE SOLENOID. No more stuck T-Case. I did it to mine a few months ago. Makes life so much less stressful.. One less part that can break.