Unlimited to a Waggie conversion!!!


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I started working on something like that a few years ago but other projects and life got in the way so I put it aside. My plan was to do a "Rhino" style grille but make it a simple bolt-on hood/grille rather than the kits that are on the market now that require fender mods.

I had thought I would put a Safari Cab hardtop on it (shown above) but the hardtop on the one you posted about looks great - might be worth doing just that hardtop. I believe it would be possible to build a DIY kit that mods the factory hardtop to have windows and a hatch like that one.


Definitely Jscherb's version san's the woodgrain!
I had a boss back 1980, that drove a bright orange 2 door Cherokee Chief. Loved that truck!