Universal bed rack for M101a2 trailer


I’ve back to working on my M101, not looking to do anything too radical with it. I don’t have the cargo canvas or bows, so I’m just trying to figure out some sort of alternative. I don’t really want to do a topper or camper shell on it, because I like having the flexibility of using it as just a utility trailer to haul things. I really would like a lower profile canvas and bows. The military bows that I’ve found on eBay and online, the shipping would cost more than the bows themselves. I don’t have or know anyone, who welds, so making my own that way is probably not an option.
One thing I noticed while out last weekend, on a Tacoma, was an RCI bed rack. I’ve been looking online and I see there are some universal bed racks but I haven’t seen one specifically for a full-size bed. Anyone ever seen or put one of these style racks on an M101 trailer?


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I have seen a photo floating around the web of a red quarter ton trailer with a low profile canvas cover. The frame underneath was made using prefab pipe connectors that are normally seen for tarp shelters. It looked pretty good.