Unimogs for Sale in CO

Ace Brown

Adventurer, Overland Certified OC0019
Wandering through a guy's collection of nearly every type of vehicle made and came across this Unimog. He had four of them. Maybe their not as rare as I think but anyway they are for sale.


Expedition Leader
Not too rare, I don't believe, but certainly worth any link or contact information you might have.

Good memories. This is exactly the same configuration as the first Mog I every drove, wet behind the ears and thus a little dismayed it topped out at 48 mph. The 404s are pretty brilliant off-road trucks, but most are not very happy campers on US highways.

Ace Brown

Adventurer, Overland Certified OC0019
Had a chance for another visit today. He has three Mogs, not four as I first thought. I believe he told me none run but wouldn't take much to get them going. Owners name is Jerry Hugget at 970-856-9440. Any questions need to go to him, I've already posted all I know about them. Here are the other two. He also has several VW Things and military versions too. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1428463297.218859.jpg