Unimog U430 Earthcruiser Expedition


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Earthcruiser Explorer 12t
▪ 12 tonne GVM
▪ 300hp
▪ Portal Axles
▪ Central Tyre Inflation & Monitoring (CTIS)
▪ Left & Right Hand Drive (10 min change over)
▪ 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
▪ Coil Suspension
▪ 8 Speed Automatic (Including Manual 3min engaging)
▪ 3 Lockers Front, Centre & Rear
▪ Low/Low Working Gear Set
▪ 860l Water - 800l Fuel
▪ Front & Rear 20,000lbs 24volt Winches
▪ 6 Step Electric Entry Steps
▪ 4 Point Hydraulic Jack System (Leveling & Tyre Change)
▪ Heated Tanks, Batteries, Pumps and Water Lines
▪ Front and Rear Snatch points
▪ Anti-starvation, primary filtration fuel pick-ups
▪ Bullet-proof run flat tyre system

▪ “New” Wider Open Crawl-through
▪ “New” 200mm Wider Body
▪ “New” Control Console
▪ Air Suspension Cab Seats
▪ Double Forward Facing Rear and a single side facing Seats, totaling 5 certified seat-belted seats
▪ Queen Bed or Twins
▪ 212L Double Door Fridge /Freezer
▪ 2 x Sky-Beds, Sleeps 5
▪ Fitted Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
▪ Chainsaw and Axe Equipped
▪ Artic System for minus (-40) includes heated water tanks, batteries and drying compartment for clothes etc.??
▪ EarthGrill - 240 Volt outside BBQ, kitchen and sink
▪ Kitchen Caddy with Light
▪ 68L locker fridge

▪ Fits inside Shipping Container
▪ EarthAir - Rear Mounted Air Conditioner
▪ Integrated 1600 PSI High Pressure Water Blaster
▪ Large Out-door Screened Shower
▪ “New” Motorbike Lift and Rack

▪ “New“ touchscreens that can be intergrated with Ipad or Androids.
▪ “New” Ultransonic Weather station feature incorporated in the touchscreen system
▪ “New” 3 Axis pitch & roll GPS Gyrp Compass feature incorporated in the touchscreen system
▪ Lithium Powered – Equivalent to 17 AGM Batteries (1500 AMPs)
▪ Walk on Mono-crystalline Solar Panels 1000watts
▪ DVR/GPS/4G solid state Celluar Hot spot & GPS Tracking system in real time, 45 Day recording including 5 cameras that can be seen anywhere in the world
▪ 80 Channel UHF
▪ Upgraded Sound system featuring Hema mapping, Bluetooth & Iphone connectivity
▪ 3.2kva Inverter
▪ Master Window & Mirror switching from both the Drivers & Passengers sides
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It sure does have all the accouterments.
More than enough electrical power to run a mobile office.
Maybe I'll get to check it out in person some day. I love big rigs like this.
Thanks for sharing with us.


The rear wheel arch lets it down in the looks department... It should have been styled the same as the front arch, giving it a more purposeful look. Nice rig tho.