Underhood fuse/relay box


Years ago, when I had a full-size Suburban, I saw a nifty large blue box that included relays and fuses that could be fit under the hood to run all manner of power to and from. The Suburban is long gone, but my new mini expo rig (for short expos, of course!) is a Daihatsu Rocky.

My electrical system is in acceptable shape, but I will be doing a common mod where an Isuzu alternator bolts in to take my amps from 50 to 85. I have to upgrade wiring for this to happen. As I do this, I was looking to do a relay/fuse box again, but as you might imagine, space is at a premium at this point. I have to be much smaller, and I actually have smaller power needs, too.

Can anyone point me to a good product for a waterproof underhood fuse/relay box in a smaller size that you have used?

Thank you!


SPOD or Switch Pro have relays but how much power do you need to move at any one circuit? The Blue Seas has up to 30 amp fuses


Mr. Vogel, that's the sort of thing I'm looking for. I saw a much larger one for my burb by a fellow person here. That was years ago, and he may have dropped off the earth. I believe that this would easily fit in the space that I have; it will be just a matter of figuring out how to mount it and go from there.

Thank you!
Love the Eaton SSVEC ( Severe Service Electrical Center) that Verkstad referred to. Most can get by with the 31S series. They come in various configurations and number of relays up to 8.
Probably most common one can be wired to operate relays via ground or power.

Next common works by switching ground plus 8 additional fused circuits.

Third Possibility is this one Similiar to first but only 5 relays and 10 additional fused circuits.

For those needing more than this Waytek just added the 32S SSDVEC ( severe service DUAL electrical center)
16 Fused Relays 400 amp capable. They haven't posted the proper technical doc so my guess by looking at Eaton Part # that it works identical to first one above but dual unit.

While the RTMR is a nice unit, it requires more labor to build and connect. Don't know that it would save any money.


How does the power get into that first box? I see the sealed connectors, but what's the connector off of the battery or alt to get power to that?