Ultimate outdoor cooking gear (not built in, but portable for a 20# tank)


I'm ready to buy some equipment for cooking outside at the campground with my little camper. I'd rather buy once, cry one and get something that'll last years and let me cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a family of 4 and tie into my propane tank. Coming from a tent or backpacking background, I'm not used to having 2 propane tanks to tap into and a decent size space to keep my cooking gear.

What's the ultimate cooking set up?

Some options I'm looking at:

-Partner Steel 18" stove and their griddle. Super expensive, but top quality/last forever, they'll make me a 12' hose to attach to my 20# tanks. Or skip the griddle and use a cast iron skillet

-Blackstone 17" griddle- $130 with bag and will cook nearly anything, but won't work for boiling water

-Blackstone Tailgater with BBQ box and griddle- would cover all my options, but is big, bulky, and 75 pounds. If I already have a griddle, how important is having a grill?

-Camp Chef ranger and use a lodge cast iron skillet for cooking.

I already have a Weber Q100 grill, which is nice, but takes up a lot of space and has limited use (steaks/burgers/dogs) and that's about it.

I have a cheapo coleman stove and a lodge cast iron griddle. The griddle doesn't hold enough grease, so when doing bacon, it runs over the side and all over the place. It also takes forever to cool off.

I also have a MSR windburner which is perfect for boiling water, but requires it's own fuel can. (I'd still pack it along as a back up, or for making coffee without firing up the kitchen)

I'd love to hear your thoughts as I have a whopping 1 night out in my new-to-us camper so far.


It's not "the ultimate" but we are very happy with the following combo. It's fairly lightweight, compact and inexpensive.

Blackstone Dash grill / griddle (picked one up for 1/2 price at ********'s last year)

Single burner propane stove

The Blackstone is a legit grill and griddle. We have successfully cooked steaks, burgers, chicken, salmon, sausage, bacon, eggs, spam, hashbrowns and vegetables with it, both while camping and at home. The legs allow a good working height when you don't have a table or don't want to take up all your table space with a grill. You can use this with the 1lb tanks or 20# tank with the addition of a hose.

The single burner propane stove boils water quickly and easily. The one we have is used on the top of a 1lb propane canister, but I'm sure you could find others that hook up to a larger propane tank.

We also come from a backpacking / tent camping background, but I save the MSR Pocket Rocket and IsoPro canisters for backpacking or very light and fast trips.
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If room permits I am a fan of my camp chef Big Gas Grill. It is big and 90,000 BTUs of power over three burners. It has become my all purpose camp appliance. I have the grill box, griddle, pizza oven, it perks coffee, cooks stew in a Dutch oven, make waffles with a vintage Wagner waffle iron. Not all of that goes every time but when out with the fiftwheel most of it goes. Camp Chef makes a smaller two burner model as well. The griddle is tough to beat for big breakfasts.
Wife and I are full time in our rig and only have an outdoor kitchen. We are using a Camp Chef, Everest. It's a two burner that can put out more heat than most similarly sized units and it still has very good heat control. We cook with a cast iron skillet sometimes. It works well. We also simmer rice on it. The good heat control was the thing that sold us on it.




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We are done with grills and the mess/cleanup on the road.
We loved the idea of a griddle, so we ordered the Blackstone 17" Griddle but sent it back because we couldn't make it work with our built-in RV propane.
Now we have the Camp Chef Ranger II and added a griddle like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0089XJDP8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . This stove has some OUTPUT!! We have the best of both worlds: burners when we need them, a griddle for bacon, meats, veggies, other stuff.


Ditto on the Tembo Tusk... I use almost exclusively now too. That said my Partner 22" is invaluable too.


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partner griddle is one of the best purchases I have made for camping :)

super easy to clean super low maintenance etc..
I love cast iron and steel but for camping its still a bit more work then I want to deal with and for that just in case I leave it out over night and crash I never have to worry about rust etc..

stoves ? I have the partner and like it but also because of the way I could make it work in the IGT setup so I think burner wise get wha you like :)

the skottle seems cool but again steel I want to avoid but that is a personal thing :)