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Some general shop updates for those who care!

We've brought a 2nd spring supplier on to lower lead times, our biggest headache for many many years. After a few months of work between Justin @ UJOR CO and Alcan spring we have things dialed in! I started sending him POs last week and lead time ~5-6 weeks. A bit more $$ but at this point it doesn't matter, we need springs built! We'll continue to have Alcan build more (we have a ton of spring part #s) and have him focused on filling mail order sales since we have enough to keep us busy here for a while.

The 2nd shop location here in NC just finished the 1st month of bumper production and hit the target of 20 units a month with just one guy. We added another body here to help with general stuff, we're running wide open busier than ever trying to build vans and ship kits as quick as we can. Booking new jobs for April 2023 as I type!

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