UJOR Build Thread


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The time has come!

We'll be restricting the age of the vans we build here at our shop. Nothing older than 2000 model year vans from now on due to supply issues, ages of the van, unknown or unseen problems/etc. If you already have the ball rolling with a conversion we'll of course finish the job.

No changes to our DIY kits, we'll continue to sell/ship them all over the world as we have since the beginning!

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for the continued support and be sure to visit our website!


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That will almost certainly disappoint some folks, but it's understandable.
Yea, tough decision. The older rigs always throw us curveballs that eat up a bunch of time and screw up our schedule. Transmission & other parts are getting harder to source, lots of little hurdles. We're covered up with RVs, need to focus on the rigs that get in & out of the shop quick.


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We're fortunate to have the machines we need to build 98% of our product in house. From raw material to finished parts we do it all here. The fab side of the shop is busting at the seams, we want more machines but have no room!


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