U-Joint Fuel Tank Shortening Kit OR info on "how much to shorten the tank"


Hey everyone -- I think this might be my first post here, but I have a new-to-me 2000 E350 7.3L Diesel Conversion van with 215K on the clock. It had the dreaded fuel leak from the bowl and some exhaust leaks from the up-pipes, but I've cleared those up and now this thing is driving great!

There's a bit of a stumble at idle occasionally -- I imagine the in-tank screens are clogged at this mileage, so I'm going to drop the tank to do the hutch and harpoon mods and add a remote fuel pre-filter, and figured this is a good time to have a look inside the tank and clean it if it needs it.

If I end cleaning the tank, I'll probably have it shortened too since this puppy is eventually getting a 4x4 swap...

So does anyone have the U-Joint guide for cutting? I don't need the actual cap, just the guide. I'm a dog-crap tig welder, so I'll be taking this to a shop and I imagine giving them the guide would make it a very simple job. A picture of their kit is below:

If not -- how many inches need to come off the front of the tank?

I'm sure the whoever I'm paying to fab this up can measure (ha ha ha), but I just want to make sure I'll have enough clearance for a NP271 mated to the 4X4 4R100!

I'm in Bay Area CA. Love driving, so I'll come pick it up if you're somewhat local!


Cool. Thanks MG. Someone on Sportsmobile forum said it is 11" forward of the center of the front vent -- that looks about right from that photo too.


Cool! Thanks everyone. That seems pretty straight forward.

Did you use tank liner after welding it back up or just let it be? I imagine the welding heat would do a number to the existing coating.

Maybe I’m overthinking this.. but probably the “right” way to do it is: cut, weld, boil, recoat?


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Please make sure you fill it with water and check for leaks before installing it and adding fuel.

I did that and had a pin hole leak. So I had to drop it and do it again.

Also this is a great time to do the hutch / harpoon mod while the tank it out.


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I’m also interested in what needs to be done with the tank liner.

Anyone have a source for new tanks? Currently driving the van so was considering buying a new one to modify.