U bolts for lifting offroad vehicle, fit Dana 60 and maybe others


I goofed, badly. Let my screw up help you lift the rear of your truck or van!

I was getting some U-bolts bent for a lift I'm doing and I ordered the wrong size. I had these done at a custom spring shop locally but once made they cannot be returned.

Heavy Duty grade 8 nuts, washers and U-bolts for Dana 60 axle.

Sizes are in the pics.

I cannot tell you how much lift you can achieve with these unless you tell me what springs you have or get me the measurements, then I think I can help you but I can't guarantee fitment. I CAN tell you they will absolutely fit a Dana 60 which is underneath most e350 vans, and I'm sure these would work for various other trucks, axles, etc. The axle diameter they are made for is Dana 60, 3.5" diameter. If they are a bit long I'm sure they could be cut down.

I have no idea of the going rate on these mail order but they cost me $90.
Forum members can have them quickly shipped Fedex for 60 (free shipping).

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