TWO different sized FlipPac Camper shells for sale

I have the following size FlipPac's (the short blue 5 footer in the main photo has been SOLD). The measurements are the max size, because of the design they will fit beds that are 3"- 4" narrower than the stated measurements below (they have a large inside lip to accommodate various sizes) - length should be within 1"-2" of you actual bed length. If you are off more than either of these dimensions you can add aluminum angle to the front, back or sides to make it fit. These are rare and not made any more, thus might be worth a slight mod to the bed of your truck. If you are looking specifically for a FlipPac, you know why people want them.

I DO NOT KNOW IF EITHER WILL FIT YOUR PARTICULAR TRUCK. You need to read the measurements below and determine that. If you are still not sure I can help you, but I will not know right off if either will work for your particular make/model.

They have been stored covered and off the ground. If you are seriously interested I will pop them open and take more photos if you like.

They are definitely the most compact and yet roomy set up out there for off road camping. Full sized bed in front, stand up room in the back.

These two are still available:

#1) 88.5" x 64" Very good condition, original torsion bar, original white gel-coat. The only thing it needs is rear window gas struts. $2900

SOLD! #2) 98" x 73" (Full size 8' bed) Excellent condition. Original torsion bar, original white gel-coat. $3200

I also have rain fly's for both of them, add $200 if you want one as well. (they cost over $550 by themselves at SLO Canvas).

The main photo was the FlipPac I had on our Nissan Titan (already sold that one)... great adventures, just showing photos as example. We really loved our FlipPac and the only reason we moved away from them is because we bought a travel van.

Located in Sacramento, CA area, Let me know if any of this interests you!


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I have an OE torsion bar for the 5’ pac if you need, I’m sure can work something out. If you were closer I would come get that one...
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I have an OE torsion bar for the 5’ pac if you need, I’m sure can work something out. If you were closer I would come get that one...
I'm already set up to do that one bar-less... but thank you. I will certainly pass this a long to whomever buys it!

Thank you

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Just installed the torsion bar on the 7'3" FlipPac... New pricing... BTW, torsion bar install was not as bad as some said it would be ;-)
Update on full size (8 footer) FlipPac: I would rate this at a 9 out of 10, the ONLY thing I have found is both side windows will need the rubber seals replaced.
UPDATE: 8 Footer SOLD!.. (#2 in the description) Sad to see it go, but to a good home, have fun with it Greg and Cathy!
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