Two Burner Stove for Pan-Am?


What is the best two burner stove to use while driving the Pan-Am highway. I would assume something very versitle as far as fuels go. I was thinking the colman one that accepts regular gas and white. It wont require a propane tank taking up space.
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i kinda think since we have discussed stoves so much this past year ppl are just tired of it, i am. the best stove is a big camp chef with a grill box.... well its the best for me and i use it everywhere,,, the best for others is a smaller stove, coleman, partner ect.,,, and the best for others still is a small single burner. so, whats the best? how about the one you like and will actually use. dual fuel is nice, but i think we all agree that propane is simple, reliable and doesnt take up that much space.
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Scott Brady

I would go with something pretty compact and one that will burn multi-fuels.

I think you will be surprised by how little you cook on your own. Food is so cheap in Central America, you will just stop for a big lunch and pay about $3 and it will include a coke.

For our group, we used a Partner Steel stove and a propane bottle. The 3- gallon unit lasted the entire trip!

This meal of two lobster tails in Panama was $4

This killer taco stand in Alamos, Mexico cost us about $5 each, with a coke and about 3-4 of these little gems.


OK, sorry guess to kick a dead horse, or however you say that. But thanks for telling me the food prices. I do have a stove. A wisperlite international that I was planning on using. I just thought I would be cooking more and that a bigger two burner stove would be more comfortable. I also was wondering how difficult it was to get white gas. And or propane. I guess what ever is the most convenient. It sounds like from the comments though I should just use my small stove. And eat local.