They are awesome trailers, easy to tow, incredibly easy to setup and pack up, will follow the vehicle anywhere, extremely well built. You can't compare prices between the US and here, two very different economies.

I am surprised that moreAustralian style camper trailers haven't made it into the US market
The price has changed, the Tvan Murranji is now $76,000 AU.... I bought a damaged 2013 model Track Topaz caravan a few years ago which I pulled apart for parts and the chassis, wasn't impressed at all with the build quality, high and low voltage wires tangled together and run side by side and lots of metal swarf in cavities.

The old Tvan's were built with ply sides and were reasonable easy to repair if badly damaged, the new ones are aluminium sheet over polystyrene and are all glued and riveted together which makes it impossible to remove damaged panels without damaging others so very hard to repair if damaged.