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From the Link above here ya go!

For Sale
TURTLE III OverlandExpedition Truck
Located in OklahomaCity Oklahoma

Original build in 1987 and freshened up in 1994, to include7.3 turbo installed by Ford.
2016, previous owner, tires, brakes, shocks, springs, bushings, seals, rear/side cameras.
I purchased this legendary truck from who I believe was the 3rd owner. The original owners/builders being Gary and Monika Wescott. They designed and built this truck to travel some of the most remote places in the world, and are considered by most to be the pioneers of overlanding. The thought, details and equipment that went into this truck are arguably what paved the way for the huge off the grid overlanding market today.
From the Ready-Air belt driven air compressor w/ storage tank, to the Linc-Arc 190 Alternator, supplying 110AC power and provide welding capabilities. A drivetrain to include front and rear ARB lockers, Gear-Vendors over-under drive. The custom Rickardfront bumper w/12000 Mega-Winch, locking compartments, lights. The custom Rickard rear bumper w/ swingout Gerry can carrier, swingout spare tire carrier, Max-Forest tool, hi-lift jack, shovel andWarn 8000 Winch, and the custom Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper. It has it all.
When I stumbled across it I was initially surprised to see the Turtle III truck still out there, let alone for sale! Having followed their travels for years in all the different publications, I knew what this truck was. Couldn’t believe it wasn’t in a museum, or someone’s car collection?! Then I’m thinking it’s a 30+ yearold truck with 200000+ miles on it! Would it be worn out?
Well after talking to Daryl, the seller, who gave me the rund own of things he had done to it prior to his 6 mo cross country trip, I thought well it must be roadworthy! So after a 15 minute FaceTime walk a round, I said what the hell, I'll take it. That next weekend I was in Alabama staring face to face with the Turtle III!! And the best thing about it was the condition it was in! It was amazing! The paint and decals were in almost perfect condition, the doors shut easy and tight. It ran and drove like a dream. There were no rattles. I was shocked. This thing is like new.
Among other things, Daryl had swapped the original walnut console for a aftermarket console that folded to a seat. fortunately he kept the original.
As I started going through the camper, I found the welding leads, rods, mask, as well as the tire kit that included a pneumatic impact, theArctic kit for the camper, and additional padlocks for all the doors. There is an air hose in the bumper compartment to connect to one of two quick connects,front and rear. 120 psi! There are hoses,hookups for the heat exchanger for hot showers, winch controls, straps, as well as other cool items. Climbing up to look in the thule pods, I found they were full of spare parts, ie, belts, hoses, filters, wipers, and other misc. parts. Inthe cab, insulation all around, German Scheel-Mann seats are race car like.Reflective window covers, there are secondary gauges for everything, and they’reall intact and work.
As you can imagine I was pretty excited to find it in such incredible condition.
I proceeded to drive it back to Oklahoma with confidence,and I must admit, with a lot of pride. Not everybody knows the history of these trucks. So when you run across someone that someone does, it’s pretty cool to see their eyes light up.
After we sold our 08 SMB, we took it up to our cabin in Colorado,where we’ve used it to for overnight trips, and loved it. It is now back in Oklahoma City. This truck remains in the same condition as when I purchased it close to 2 years ago.
Fortunately or Unfortunately, I have an opportunity that requires I sell itas well as our 2000 SMB listed in another thread here on the forum.
While I think it’s history makes it worthy of preservation insomeone’s car collection, it is a perfectly capable vehicle to explore theworld in.

Price $22,500 (need to sell, make an offer)
you will agree that this a steal if you come and drive it

Things it needs that I’m working on getting done
May affect price?
Power supply to rear winch, new cable, I have it.
Frig is not operating? Haven’t really looked into it.
Gear-Vendor needs seal installed, I have it.
CB radio not working, comes on but no sound?

Drives like new, seriously.


Chris Collard

Hi @vintageracer
I'm with Gary and Monika in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this week. We were talking about some of their previous Turtles last night over dinner. I'll share this with them; I'm sure they will be happy to see the Turtle III is still alive and kicking.


Not to hijack - Chris - if you get a chance, please ask them whatever happened to the red Bronco II they had for a short while in the 80s. I have one magazine article on it and then it apparently disappeared.

Todd Z.