Turn-key Tacoma


I am posting up my Tacoma for sale. My life has taken a turn and I will no longer be able to use this truck. I purchased it from Mountain State Overland late last year. It was posted here. I have driven it around town and on the highways some just to get a feel for it and fix all things that needed attention. I have not wheeled it or even taken it on dirt. So unfortunate because it is a special truck. Also, the mileage(119,000) is most highway miles as I understand MSO used it to show off their company and make videos for their YouTube channel.

Since I have owned it I have cleaned it
Replaced the driveshaft
Replaced the rear diff, just had the 500 mile drain and refill inspection done
Replaced the rear brakes
Put 5 new BFG AT on it
Baselined on the fluids and filters
Gave it a Wheel alignment

The Toyota dealership and High country 4x4 performed all the work. They also did full vehicle inspection to address any and all isssues. I was planning on traveling as a solo family and did not want any mechanical issues.

This vehicle has no mechanical issues and is ready to go.
I want to sell to someone in person. I have a clean title

I can provide all of my own info but this is the link to the ad I bought it from. It is so well done I think it explains the truck perfectly minus the mechanical fixes I made. https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/sold-mountain-state-overland-tacoma-w-equipment.184259/

Greenwood Village, CO Which is just south of DenverEDB5601A-F8F2-4A33-BDAE-DC85E0C74AC4.png0AEA49B6-7DA0-40A2-A324-CB502B378365.png1A744E2E-1A35-4693-96C6-1C280182F5B8.png1490B747-DDAB-4798-A61D-D41E24A689CA.png10E4EE79-1B3F-48FF-B95D-35D126096E15.png55518EC6-6E3E-44A9-B88A-6C6E6196191B.pngCEE3DCBA-14EC-4C5C-90C8-2DF5BF4D77A2.pngFD9680FB-3C43-4A92-B458-0CA41A470810.png
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It sold last weekend.

I do have a 2013 Land Cruiser I am getting ready to sell. I will make an ad soon.
It is silver
72,000 miles
Not wheeled and basically unmolested


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I remember seeing this the first time on here and thinking I missed my opportunity, turns out I missed it twice. Beautiful truck