Tuning after a gear swap? Is it Necessary? 2015 Ford F-150 5.0


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I never went into forscan and changed the settings When I swapped to 4.1 gears and raptor takeoff wheels any tires on my truck.

I know me speedometer is off but what else is affected by not setting the gear ratio and tire size.

truck seems to work better with the overall lower ratio.


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oem It was 3.55 the factory tires were 275 70 18

now it is 4.11 with 315 70 17.

is it better to adjust with forscan or just get a tuner?

if a tuner which one?


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Would probably be fine just using Forscan.
I used an SCT X4 tuner.
When I put the factory tune back on the truck drove like garbage, off shifting, speedometer out, plus the factory throttle lag was back.

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With Foracan you can change it in 3 min for under 50.00.

Now, if you are getting a tune anyways, it's redundant.

Once the truck knows what gears and tire size it has, it will preform much better. I went from 3.15 to 3.55 gears and 32" to 33" tires and even correcting for those small changes made a noticable difference.


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Ok so I changed the gear ratio in the BCM.
is there anywhere else I need to change?
do I need to tell the pcm to relearn or something?
it threw a code that said the pcm and bcm do not match.

I also have not changed the tire size yet.

What spreadsheet did you use to to get the tire size value?

I found two different spreadsheets with different values for the same tire size.


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So I put in the new tire circumference and told pcm to relearn.
Speedometer went from reading low to reading high.
Still getting a code
Did I miss a step?