Tundra gen 1, single piece fender flare cutting.


Howdy all I have an 06 4 door with oem single piece front flares as opposed to the two piece seen on most tundras. Replacing the bumper with steel plate and looking for advice on cutting flares, best tool to use and what if anything did you do to the cut edge of the flare that remains u channel trim or ? to finish the edge where it meeting the bumper.
Thanks Josh


This won't help you, but I had to Google why any 06 Tundra would have different flares. Apparently the single piece flares you describe were port-installed rather than factory installed. Fascinating.

Is it possible to swap to the 2 piece flare instead of cutting yours? I think you'll get a cleaner finish that way.

If I had to cut it, I would try to tape off the cut line and use a small cut-off wheel to cut the flare up to the rubber trim. I'd cut the rubber seal with scissors or a utility knife rather than the cut-off wheel and glue or tape the loose edge of rubber to the flare before re-attaching. Since you'll be cutting a good amount of flare off, make a trial run or two before your final cut.

Just a guess, though

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Port installed? Weird, yeah when I was communicating over the internet with the fabricator who built the bumper, kept asking me if I had aftermarket flares since he hadn't seen single piece ones.

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