Tulsa man builds 70 foot sailboat in his front yard


Plans to sail the world doing marine research and working wherever his travels take him. He cast his own propellers, poured 10,000 pounds of molten lead into the keels that he harvested over a three year period from wheel weights. He built his own blast furnace, ROV, rain water catchment system, gantry crane, 3D printer and many other cool tools, equipment and gadgets along the way.

People from Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Sweden and many other states, countries and provinces have volunteered their time and resources to help Doug, so he calls it, "the boat the Internet built"


If you are interested in the series, there are videos going back 5-6 years detailing the entire process.


Expedition Leader
Fun to see people are still doing this. My buddy in college sailed around the world with his parents, brother and sister in 75. On a 55ft sailboat his dad built. The stories he has are pretty good.

I built a plane with my wwII vet gramps in the 80s. Flew that thing all over the place. Then crewed on racing sailboats in my poor yrs. Only activity I could afford. Free food, free beer and usually free accomidations 3-4 days a week yr around on the west coast... ahhh the old days before kids... Now I'm just poor....

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