Trying out new backcountry boiled chicken recipe lands trio in hot water


Wondering how to cook dinner when you forgot to bring along the camp stove, your matches and the hatchet? Well, this technique seemed like a good idea at the time. Dang, if they'd only have remembered to bring along their insta pot!

The result? A truly ‘fowl’ deed was committed! And the penalty the chefs received was nothing to crow about either.The moral of the story? This was definitely a cock-a-doodle don’t.

3 cited for cooking chickens in Yellowstone hot spring


YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) — Cooking chickens in a Yellowstone hot spring landed three people in hot water.
“A park ranger heard that a group with cooking pots were hiking toward the park’s Shoshone Geyser Basin. The ranger found two whole chickens in a burlap sack in a hot spring. A cooking pot was nearby, Yellowstone spokeswoman Linda Veress said.
“Make dinner,” said defendant Eric Roberts, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, when asked Thursday what the group was up to in the Yellowstone backcountry.

[Two of the wannabe backwoods gourmets] were ordered to serve two days in jail and pay $540 in fines and fees for the Aug. 7, incident, according to court documents. (hopefully they will get better cooked dinners at the grey bar hotel) .

[The third non=vegetarian chef] paid $1,250 in fines and fees. All three are banned from Yellowstone while serving two years of unsupervised probation.”
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