Truckport concrete advice please


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Hi guys
I am currently building a truck / car port for the Amesz and it has a concrete slab. Any ideas on what if anything can be done to protect it from spillages and grease from when I service to truck?
Thanks in advance


The more highly polished the concrete the better able it will be to hold oil above the surface and therefore easier to wipe up spills. The downside is it will be slippery as hell when wet or snow covered.

I had the concrete finishers do my last slab until it was almost black. Great for keeping stains away, but you couldn't stand on it with snow stuck in your boot treads.

Once I learned to avoid it with snowy or wet boots it was a breeze to keep clean. Paper towel and a can of brake cleaner eliminated any oily spill.

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The problem with concrete is that it is porous, meaning that spills will not just sit on the surface, they will leach into the concrete, making cleaning more difficult.
There are lots of treatments you can apply on top of concrete, but as mentioned, the more gloss you have the slipperier it will be when wet.
In the past I have used a product called AVS-600M, which is a cement modifier. This effectively makes the concrete waterproof and it also increases it strength. It is sort of like BondCrete, but it will not re-emulsify. Problem is, if you are not mixing the cement yourself this may be difficult to add.
Have you spoken with any of the cement companies? I am pretty sure that you could order your concrete with waterproofing additives in the mix. If there is a simple solution to your problem, I am sure they would know it.


4WDaus "tralia"
Thanks guys
Will talk to concreter in morning, if unhelpful, will look into paint option.
Thank you for you inputs

cheif carlos

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Try "Avista" concrete sealer, extended wear.

I have it in my shed and have only spilled non petroleum based products, has been great, also I put in a grip additive (not theirs but bought from Bunnings, seems to have worked well) it has taken a very slippery surface when wet to a surface which will give you gravel rash if you fall on it (wouldn't be from it being wet)

I bought it from the local paint shop, also was the same product which my concreter recommended.


4WDaus "tralia"
Thanks cheif.
New pad down now, need to wait a few months before sealing I am told. That's cool as heading for fine desert race next week.


Not sure if you can find a similar product in Aus, but we just had a 66x50 shop built with pads in front and back of all doors. Concrete was machine troweled all the way around.

I used this stuff and it has proven to be fantastic.

EDIT: We used the siliconate based product.