Truck topper question--leer browning edition


Does anybody have experience with these? Found one locally that I'll have to paint but it seems like it's in decent condition. It has a compartment for a rifle as well as a rechargeable flashlight and 12 volt charging station

Are Leer toppers well built? Any idea on what it would cost to paint it? They're asking $400 obo for this one

Only thing I would prefer is side windows that pop up but when looking for a used camper you may not find everything you want. It's going on my 1998 dodge 2500 qcsb


Not sure on the Browning edition (sounds cool!) but Leer is very good quality - you can't go wrong with Leer/ARE/Snugtop, in my opinion. Paint will probably be another 4-600 bucks, depending on the quality. If you're lucky, you may be able to wrap it (I had my last topper wrapped in black to match my truck) or you could plasti-dip or line-x it...

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If it's in very good condition, and it fits your truck, $400 is hard to beat, even allowing for the paint job. When I bought a lightly used SnugTop for my Tundra, I happily paid $600 for the shell and $300 to match the paint. Same shell new is over $2K with sales tax, so it's a no-brainer. Leer stuff is usually pretty good.


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I had a Leer on my Tacoma. Decent quality. One thing I really liked about the Leer I had was the way it used "j-hooks" to attach the shell to the truck instead of those big, ugly, always-in-the-way C-clamps.
On mine, the bottom "rim" of the shell had holes in it and the bolt went through the hole and then down to a J-hook (which was really a V-shaped hook) thac connected to the underside of the bed and then tightened with a wrench. Simple, easy and clean looking, and best of all it didn't interfere with putting gear in or out of the truck. It's amazing that all truck toppers aren't like that.
The one thing I DIDN'T like about the Leer was that it had the one-piece "all glass" lift gate with a curved piece of glass. It looked great, but if it ever broke it would be hella expensive to replace. On my next couple of shells I went with the less -pretty but easier to replace flat-glass-in-a-metal-frame liftgate model.


Yes, If its like my Leer, Its easy.
If that topper has a carpet like lining, Its probably clamped/trimmed by the clamping of the window frame too.
Hope those top rails were installed well, Mine done shoddy.
Not all of Leer caps have a window that pulls out since it's an option. I almost didn't order the window until the dealer mentioned you really can't clean between the cap and the truck then. But if it does have the fold out window there should be a couple of tabs on the inside to allow the window to pull out.

I'd say at $400 you've got a pretty good deal. I wouldn't be surprised if you offered $300/$350 and they took it.


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I have a Browning edition for my 96 D2500. Came with the it came with the truck. I took off a couple months later. It looked good on the truck (and the dogs love the vent window in the tail). I haul way to much oversize stuff to keep it on. And that top is way to HEAVY to take on and off without rigging a hoist. It is definitely more than a 2 man job.


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Just know that if you break that rear window it will be easily $350+ to replace it, if you can even find one (depends on if that model is still being manufactured.)
We had a lady in our camping group who got a Silverado with a gorgeous color-matched fiberglass topper to pull her trailer. A year went by and she showed up, instead of the nice 'glass topper, she had a cheap aluminum topper on her truck.
I asked her what happened and she said that she broke the rear window and then was quoted almost $900 to replace it, so she just bought a different topper instead.
As I said, I'm a big fan of the toppers with rear lift gate windows made from a flat piece of glass with an aluminum frame. That can be replaced by any glass shop.
FWIW - I just got a Leer and initially wanted a custom color. Dealer said that theyve done it for people before but typically charge $600 for paint shop to color it, so it sounds like $400-$600 is in the ballpark


some people hate them, but personally I prefer aluminium over fiberglass caps- my first cap (I'll assume was as old as the truck so 15ish years) was fiberglass the aluminium rails that clamped it to the bed separated from the cap- they wanted 400 to fix it, found an aluminium one for free because a square window was broken out, in 2 hrs with a trip to the hardware store for plexi it was replaced, I added a ladder rack to that cap for kayaks with aluminium stock and pop rivets no issues, and since its bolted together any piece can be replaced


You're overthinking it. If it looks clean and functional then it'll be fine. The name brands are fine. Leer is great and the "Browning Edition" is just a bonus.

I don't know why everyone is afraid of the curved glass and single latches. I mean if you put a hole through your hood or bust out a side window it's going to cost hundreds to fix it. Are you really planning to break the glass?

IMO I wouldn't pay to color match unless you've got a real nice ride. I've rocked mismatched toppers for many years and it grows on you. Right now I've got a dark grey Nissan Frontier and a silver topper with scratches.

And you weren't asking but here are the things *I* worry about with a topper:
- I prefer mid-rise to cab-height. The extra difference is a big deal. Less so if you've got a full-size truck
- Windows that open; preferably with screens and even more preferably a "win-door"
- I prefer the "single" latch rear windows. Opening two latches (left and right) seems trivial but a single one is much better.
- lastly: most importantly for me: I take the topper on and off every couple of months. I made a hoist out hidden in some plants over the driveway. This is a lifesaver. That or a friend or 3 depending on your strength. If you plan to run with and without the top then make sure you have a place to store it and a way to get it on and off.

Choosing which color or brand is last on my list. So, there's my opinion you didn't ask for. ;-) Also in my area: $400 is a great price for that Leer.


I love my side awning windows. I ‘painted’ mine with bed liner, two tone Black and Tan, to match the older rig.

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We're looking at truck camper shells now, and A.R.E. seems to be better in terms of quality and manufacturing. The next would be Leer and Snugtop. The rear gate options and hinges are an issue as well as overall construction especially around the windows. Let us know what you decide to buy.