Truck hood light bar


I saw this product in the 4wheel & off-road magazine. I have seen them for jeeps and thought they looked cool but never seen one for a truck.
When I check there site they actually had a few pictures of hood bar mounted on 2 Titans.

Here the link.
Delta Tech Industries | New Products


The downside from a Jeep perspective is the amount on backscater or reflection you'll get. And what's really aggrevating is, the nicer the rig, the worse it gets. A good wax job will blind you.

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My 4 roof mounted hellas put out enough glare on the hood as is....I can even imagine how bad it would be with led's mounted on the hood :Wow1:


I would like to have a set lights on the roof for the woods that could help light up more of the trail, but I don't think these hood lights would do what I want.


Doesn't seem like a worthwhile mod. Being mounted so close to the plane of the hood they could only be used to see far ahead, they would not provide any light near the front end of the vehicle. Also the glare would be pretty bad but nothing some flat black 3m on the hood couldn't fix.


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Must we keep reminding is 800 bucks. This could be made with basic parts for WAAAAAAAAY less. Pretty cool... yes but not all that functional.


HAHA yea its hilarious how they throw a few billet parts and some " new technology" and charge such outrageous amounts. You could buy a bunch of p7 LED's from dealextreme and it would be way brighter for less.

You could buy a whole new shock works bumper for that price lol


Seems to me that a high gloss finish would be just the ticket to *prevent* glare. In technical terms, gloss is specular reflection, where the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence. Sort of like trying to get glare back in your eyes from shining a low angle light in a mirror -- all the light goes forward.

A low gloss surface with more diffuse reflectance would probably send more light back at the driver.

I can't say I like the product, but I bet it works. My concern would be clipping the beam pattern close in to vehicle by having the light bar mounted too far back. There have been *plenty* of rally cars over the years with light pods mounted on the hood, but at the front of the hood.

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