Truck Camper shell window fan


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I camp inside of my regular ol' ARE camper shell for my that summer is coming around the corner I'm looking into cooling solutions. Don't carry a generator so AC is out of the question. Have no plans to cut into the roof so roof fan is out. I was thinking the front pass through window would be a great place for a window fan...basically would need a window fan with some sort of flexible housing to keep it snug in there -- does something like this exist or has any1 retrofitted their own? 12v and low draw obviously ideal...


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I sleep in the back of my Tacoma with an ARE shell a decent amount. I open both sliding windows and put a battery operated fan on the storage box I have down the driver's side; it operates on 4 D sized batteries and I can get about a week out of a set of batteries on low, which is usually enough air movement. I can also plug in an adapter and run it off my marine battery if I have that battery with me. When it's really hot I leave the back open and drape a mil surplus mosquito net over the opening. I do not like to open the front window as there is no screen over it and the mosquitoes like to come visit.

I bought a larger (maybe 4"?) computer fan with the idea of making a Kydex insert for one of the windows, possibly the front, but haven't gotten around to making it. The computer fans are typically quieter and energy efficient; get one of the adjustable speed models and you can add a rheostat to control the speed.