Truck Camper Jacks and a Lifted Truck


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Hey, I have a Bigfoot truck camper and the jacks don’t reach the ground fully extended. I know I can use blocks when I’m in my driveway, but what are guys using out on the trail if they want to leave the camper for some exploring?

Thanks in advance


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How tall is your lift?? I have tons of jack on a Northern Lite with 35s and 2” of lift. You could cut the feet off the jacks and do some pinned sleeveswith feet?


Viking with a Hammer
Cut down a tree. Or turtle shells. Turtle shells are great cribbage. Or 4 highlift jacks.

Or just fab some extensions.


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Reico-Titan sell some bolt-on jack mount extensions; +6” lift,
plus they add 2” width which helps clearance for a combination of large tire/flares & a narrow body camper.
They did need minor grinding to clear the electric motor heads.
I needed 3 inches of extra Jack lift.
You could fab the plates rather easily.