Truck Camper Adventure rally report


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
The description, 'happy camper' has been redefined. Truck Camper Adventure has finally lived up to its namesake. It was an adventure. A good time was had by all. Part one of this Rally had 53 truck campers of all descriptions meeting and camping at a huge BLM set aside area called Road Runner Wash south of Quartzsite AZ. Coming from far and near the group met from Friday afternoon, Feb. 7th, to Sunday afternoon, Feb. 9th to take in a dessert meet and greet; a chili cook off and potluck; various classes of interest to truck camper aficionados; 2 hours of checking out everyone else's camper (if you left the door open); and long, pleasant evenings around the group campfire exchanging information and stories. The weather ranged from sunny and cool, to warmer and breezy, to clouds bringing light rain, very high winds and cooler weather.
There was a pleasant cohesiveness amongst the attendees when instant and maybe even lasting friendships were made by folks with a lot in common.
The 2nd part of the Rally was a short drive over the CA state line to the historic 100 mile Bradshaw Trail by 14 well prepared 'hard-core' off-road type campers. There was a mix of soft and hard side, self contained campers, mostly of the compact, narrow, and lighter variety, but all with 4WD. Almost everyone lowered the pressure in our tires to Southwestern desert sand pressure (32-40 pounds) to pound over mile after mile of rocky, undulating, sandy, wash boarded, whooped, two-track, trying to find the best route over the terra to keep those axles parallel. We kept in touch with FRS radios with a hilarious banter going on the whole time. The last 15 miles or so over the Bradshaw were simply miserable for truck campers with off set holes keeping the ''Tiltin' Hilton" legend alive with a merciless assault on your anti sway bar, shocks, and tie downs. The only casualties were Alex's right rear tie down which pulled the eye bolt and bracket right off his Lance camper, and the only dual rear wheel truck on the convoy, Steve's (?) flat tire on the inside dual rear wheel. With that wide track and heavy camper, he was near the front and flattened everything in his path for those that followed. The rest of the pack were quick learners about the trials and tribulations of driving a 10K beast over a wagon road put in during the 1870's. As tailgunner, (the designated one at the back of the line ready to pick up the pieces) it was a delight for me to see the 14-white headed snake oozing up and down; this way and that way, like the paper dragon at a Chinese New Year's parade, trying to follow smoothest path on or near the trail over the Colorado Desert landscape.
Mello Mike and his fetching wife Karen deserve special kudos for their hard work in planning and getting this event off the ground. There were really no glitches, which is truly hard to believe for an event that has no entry fee. For a lot more photos and vids, go to Instagram and type in Truck Camper Adventure. The short vids are especially cool and have already garnered thousands of hits.
This was a great event with something for everyone and I look forward to next year with an even larger attendance. Oh no, did I just say that?
On the way to the TC Rally Jeanie and I stopped by The Big Dune north of Las Vegas for a little trip through the sand:
Some of the over 100 people that attended: The Friday dessert meet and greet is spread out over 10 tables.
Bundutec rig on tray and RAM 3500 TD. One sweet rig.
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Thanks for posting pics and a summary! We had a great time at the rally and on the Bradshaw Trail. Mello Mike and Karen did an amazing job organizing this great event!! We will be definitely attending next years get together. Thanks again Jefe for the class, loaner radio and pointers for off-road travel!