Trooper Trailer


The title comes from the fact that a lot of trailer parts were sourced from a 1990 Isuzu Trooper plus it will be towed by a Trooper. Axle spindles are from the front of the Trooper with all of arms cut off and lathed turned to fit heavy wall tubing once the axle was done it was mounted using the leaf springs and hardware from the rear of the Trooper. Hubs were stripped of the rotors and capped with auto hub cover plates. As the build progresses there are other thing to use from theTrooper. Frame is 2x2x.120 and the top will be framed with 1x1x.125. The top will open much like a car hood hinge at the front rising at the rear about 5' 6" with canvas sides and backIMG-0179.jpgIMG-0179.jpg