Tripping without a plan, summer 2010


Awesome report, It's great to read about some many wonderful places to discover everywhere across our own country. It's incredible to read about and in turn dream about making a trip to some far off exotic destination, but this is real and make more feasible. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Others may excel at going to interesting places, have simple but descriptive prose, or take incredible pictures. You have put all of this into one report and have, probably by accident, set the new high water mark for trip reports. Because of this report areas of the U.S. that weren't on my list of interesting regions to visit, are now on that list.

I keep my eye out for Tigers, Flip-pac's, and Wildernest's. Perhaps our paths will cross and we'll met out there, somewhere.



Great report Linda! Really nice to see such a well done report. Next time you get this close, you'll have to let some of us Easterners know you're in the area! Thanks for the story!


Kind words everyone, thanks! Getting ideas from others' trips is what it's all about.

I'm tripping around CA now, will put up a few pics when I'm done.


Amazing, folks are still reading this.

Anyhoo pics should be back shortly, I guess compressing for free photobucket didn't work so well. Thanks for telling me Dan.


Actually this is one of those reports I reread on occasion. Along with others who can also spin tales or have excellent photography (or both). It's necessary research for the future "big trip" we keep planning....


Just finished reading it after starting this weekend. Great read. I am so itching to travel. And I am very impatiently saving up for a truck camper setup of some sort that will fit in my tacoma. Reading about your trip brings back many fond memories of when I use to have an 85 trooper 2 (1st car) back in the day. Anytime I had somewhere to go, I'd take the scenic route and often sleep in the back.

Thanks for sharing your great memories, reminding me of my own and helping to inspire me to get back to creating more of my own. And I have a whole lot of respect for you for having your priorities in order in making a B-line for the BBQ as soon as you got to our wonderful NC.


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Now you made it through two tornados, thanks for the hospitality. Pepper is a peach Bud misses her.

If you pass by again and want to see the Miss. mudholes or LBL, drop me a line. Safe travels.



Sitting in my office with a severe case of winter wanderlust.. thanks for the trip report.
and bumping this old TR for other's to (re)discover.


My goodness this was a long time ago. I hunted up this trip report for friends planning their first post-retirement wander, happy to see people still enjoying it. Have done several cross-country trips since this one, still lots of stuff to see :)