Tripltek 8 Pro for Navigation


Has anyone used the Tripltek tablets for navigation? Looks like it would be a good option compared to iPads.


I've not used one for any purpose, but they are really popular as controller screens for flying drones due to their bright screens. A lot of threads over at about them if you want some reviews. Not sure all models have the same bright screens.

What app will you be using for navigation? If know the app you're going to use, you might work back to an appropriate tablet. Some apps work really well in Android while others work well in iOS. I think the Triplteks are all Android.



Well I am getting an 8 for my drones. Just thought with the specs it would be good for nav. Unless you are into drones you probably have not heard of Tripltek.

For the app, I have tried a bunch and am not tied to any. For this tablet it needs to at least work with Android.