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with most things, value is subjective.

as for "price bumping" when a brand gains popularity, I think early loss from R&D does need to be compensated over the life of a business. from a tradesman's perspective, I certainly will not charge less for building/ repairing something I can do more quickly or efficiently now than when I was learning the business 45 years ago.

companies do not go out of business from making too much profit. when the good one's are gone, we're stuck with the rest.


RE: being used in the service - the company was founded by an SOF vet. Crye pretty much has a monopoly on the multicam pattern that's approved for the high speed guys to wear in country. The difference is, if you're trying to grey man work psyops/CA you're never going to pull it off wearing a pair of Crye's no matter what color you go with.

RE: Covert DC being too heavy - understandable, check out their NYCO ripstop pants but for a desert I would go AC cargo pant.

RE: Cost - they're as technical in fabric and design as Arc'teryx while a $100 less per product (Stealth Hoodie LT vs Alpha LT, etc) and a step above Patagonia while similar or less in price than equivalent Patagonia gear.

Personally, I recommend their new Spartan RS Pant, there's a reason they're sold out in every color and size combo. From board rooms to boulders, this is the one pant to rule them all. Today I wore a grey pair of these pressed with a dress shirt and tie to a morning meeting with C level executives. From there I threw on tennis shoes and a T shirt to run a couple miles with my dog in 70*. Then I swapped into my yard shoes and mowed the lawn in 75* sunlight. This is truly a stain resistant, do all pant. Functional enough with pockets to use in the field, stealthy enough to pass in business professional environments. Short of grease or oil, they don't hold stains and they perform like nobody's business whether you're doing a workout in -10* or sweltering in an office with broken AC at 95*.


Forgot to say that I have been to the TAD Californistan shop because I met a guy who designs gear for them and he offered a tour. Pretty nice factory and lots of tacticool materials and items all over the place. Good clean environment with a skilled workforce and first class machinery. Just being in California means it costs more but they feel that they had to keep control of the materials and quality of assembly. I ended up walking out the door with a customized Camelback Linchpin but that is another story....:ylsmoke:


If its not worn by Navy SEALs, I don't want it.

All joking aside, I've never had any TAD stuff, but people I know with it seem to like it and it seems to hold up well. Id say if it fits you correctly, allows comfortable range of motion, and is spec'd with fabrics fitting for your demands of the piece of clothing then its good to go...and ultimately more important than "who wears it".

Personally, I wear designer jeans or Kuhl pants with a little scotch guard below the knees to stay dry because its comfortable...ends up being cheaper than the tac-berry clothing and you can go out without looking like a tool.....I confess I'm not very cool though....
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I don't wear multicam so my Crye are in khaki and green. There are loads of knock off Crye available at the Bush bazaar at at good price. Most Brits I see are wearing Craighoppers.

I hate the 5.11 pants but they are very popular with everyone.


-------------- I'd say if it fits you correctly, allows comfortable range of motion, and is spec'd with fabrics fitting for your demands of the piece of clothing then its good to go...and ultimately more important than "who wears it".------------
Exactly. I never understood the mentality of forum posts bashing people for what they drive, what they wear, where they go, etc.


I have had some of my TAD clothing for well over 4 years now, and all I can say is that it's held up perfectly. Even when I did have a problem, seam split, dog ripped my pocket or what not, they have repaired it free of charge. They stand behind their products and make exceptional clothing. That's all I care about.


I almost forgot that I started this tread a while back. I will be doing a long term review force 10 RS shorts in the near future. I have been more that pleased with all the gear that I have purchased from TAD.


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I like the way their clothes look... luckily im located only about an hour .5 away.. i may have to swing by their retail location sometime.

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Their store is pretty sweet. A bunch of the team members are travelers and own 4wds and adventure motorcycles. Cool folks and most of their stuff is made in the USA.


I'm going to swing in the store when I get back from overseas and get the Mrs. and myself new sweaters for our upcoming fall trips. :)

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