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I've applied and am waiting for my carry permit to arrive (TX). Unfortunately hasn't arrived yet and we are set to leave on our trip through NM, AZ, CO, WY, MT. Looking for advice on below:
- Whats the best way to have it in the Jeep? Unloaded and locked in a case?
- Is it ok to drive across states with the weapon in the car?
- Whats the best way to handle potential traffic stops? Let the LEO about weapon in car? or wait for him/ her to ask?
- Ok to have on person/ in camper overnight?
- Any other suggestions?


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If you're serious about carrying a gun in your rig long term, you could think about a hard mounted safe, which would be harder for someone to walk away with than a lockbox. I'm a big fan of the Vaultek VT series. Even with CC, you may find you don't want to carry everywhere.


Issue is that my permit isn't here yet. They are taking a while to process and the permit likely won't be here before next week.
Looks like open carry without permit is good with all those states you are traveling to, but would check details before trip. I would get a small locking gun safe that you can bolt down in the jeep. Keep it unloaded and lock up ammo and magazines in a separate box, make sure to keep ammo in original manufacture box. Personally, if I didn't have a permit in-hand, I would leave firearms at home for this trip.


Typically it's best to keep it on your person where it's available to you immediately and always under your control. Unloaded, you might as well leave it at home. Locked in a case might be used when you're traveling through somewhere that doesn't have reciprocity with TX. Look up peaceable journey laws for those states.


Check the individual state laws to ensure however you are carrying it is legal. You can also call a few police departments/sherrif's offices in the state and ask them as well.

If you are pulled over just politely tell the cop when you hand over your license that you are carrying/have a gun in the car. Don't get all hyped up about it, just give them the courtesy of a heads up. The one time I did the cop just joked with something along the lines of don't show me yours and I won't show you mine and we went about business as usual.

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i have enormous respect for law enforcement, over my life i've come in contact with a couple that have an axe to
grind with bad people but generally they have a pretty tough job especially today.
i was stopped a couple years back in NM by a state trooper, probably rolled through a stop sign , i tend to do that,
anyway, i don't ever give them grief or be ****************** just respect their authority , i rolled my widow down both hands on the wheel
he ask me if had anything that could hurt him, i said i have have a loaded hand gun on the passenger seat and one in console
and and two long guns in the bed of my truck, to which he thank you end of subject .. let me off with a warning
just be respectful and that's all they ask.


You’re good in those states. In Colorado your vehicle is considered an extension of your home. You can legally carry concealed in your vehicle. Once you get out it has to be open carried unless you have a concealed carry permit.
I know AZ is constitutional carry. You can legally carry concealed if you can legally own a handgun.


Why do you think you need a firearm? The world isn't all that bad as the news makes it out to be. I travel year round and I'm not anti-gun but I have no interest in navigating the laws of where I'm going every time I cross a state line. I rarely feel unsafe. If I do I drive away.

I know, you didn't ask for my opinion. Enjoy your trip.


If you do call, maybe take their answer with grain of salt.
At least where I live law enforcement is not obligated to give accurate answer or bear responsibility for accuracy.
It easier to just say ’no’, then get back to their donut.
Further, answer ’no’, may reduce a chance another gun enters their jurisdiction.
For sure, you might not get a 100% accurate answer but it helps flesh out what you read on the state's website. It also gives you an idea on the general department attitude on the subject in the areas you might travel. It's just another bit of information that can be helpful.