Trip to the Trophy Ladoga 2017


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Were this year on the Trophy Raid Ladoga.
That's what the organizers themselves write about this Trophy Reid.

"A unique adventure, the “Ladoga” trophy raid, celebrates its 20-year anniversary! The rally will be held 4-11 June 2017. After the ceremonial start at St. Isaac’s Square in St. Petersburg, participants and spectators will enjoy an exciting journey through Karelia and the Leningrad region. The route length is more than 1200 kilometers, 150-400 kilometers of them are special stages."

A trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg, then around Lake Ladoga and back took 2 weeks.
The battle with the heavy off-road is not engaged, just admiring the surrounding nature.
Video from this trip.




I remeber you truck! :D we passe you on the west side of ladoga. we drove an volvo 6x6 we sheared and waved while pasing.

hope to see you all in this year ladoga too!

all best