Trip report: ARBORGEDDON

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If you know you are continually going into the deep brush wouldn’t it be prudent to add removable covers, aluminum/ cloth, for your windows to prevent scratches and breakage? I know several of the Australian guys place simple cloth covers over their windows to prevent scratches.


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Cp, that's a good idea. But i don't want to go through that again. Once every 50 years is good enough. This reminds me of a sheet I handed to all my trombone students:
"Poor planning on your part does not constitute an automatic emergency on my part"


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Lwing, currently it's 10 feet, 5 inches to the top of the refer cover. I have not measured, but the rain cap on the Fantastic Fan even in the lowered position may be a little higher by an inch or so, but it's in the center of the rig and less vulnerable. In tree cover, anything near the edge is vulnerable. The height has steadily grown since I started the build. The Northstar may be the same footprint as my previous camper, a 1998 Lance Lite 165-s, but the NS is an inch or so higher. Then there's the 3 inch lift and going from stock 32 inch, to 33 inch, to 35 inch tires over time.
We are not camping actually, but traveling in areas, remote and congested. My original idea was to have the smallest, lightest, most compact and yet comfortable self contained hardside truck camper with a few tried and true appliances and solar that would work in all four seasons and that 2 consenting adults could live in it for an extended period of time and travel just about any road surface without worrying about setting up; fuel; sun; wind; rain; snow; ice; below zero temperatures; traction; and be able to self extricate from any stick. This comes from a lifetime of four wheel drives, several of which were built and used to the max. See pic below in the Little Sluice, Rubicon Trail. The truth is Jeanie and I go looking for the hard to get to remote areas with poor traction, steep narrow grades, but oh, the view....and we're alone....and once i kill the loudest diesel ever built...the silence is deafening. The big compromise was not having a hot weather rig. However, we don't do summer unless it's at altitude, or hot weather in the box. One other consideration was the ability to, i hate to use the loaded term, "stealth camp" since we are not camping, in cities while touring. I prefer, "Layovering". We've done this alot. White, grey, and black are the colors of Urban Camo. Since a hardside does not change shape, and with our total blackout windows, you cannot tell if anyone is in there when parked on a city street.

CJ8 strapped in little sluice.JPGthumb_DSCN2475_1024.jpg
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