Expedition Leader

here's a story by a woman who loves camping with a three wheeler recumbent bicycle. She has an arm injury that keeps her from using a conventional bike.

Her pedal-powered three wheeler is a Terra Trike All-Terrain

The trike weighs a whopping 44 lb without rack and camping gear, so don't expect to keep up with your two-wheeled companions. They'll wait for you, since the trike can carry beer for everyone.

I have a friend who broke his pelvis in a bicycle accident. He found a recumbent to be a good way to feed his need to get back on the road after his injury healed.


I keep thinking about something like this for winter biking.

With a trike you might be able to have big enough tires to float over unpacked snow which would really open up the amount of area you could explore. It'd be slow going though.


That's cool. I don't have any particular physical issue that keeps me from riding a traditional bike, but I'll be danged if that trike doesn't look like fun!