Trek 920


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Just purchased the new Trek 920. This bike is fantastic, but there's a story with this specific bike. I bought the bike at a LBS and was taking home when it fell off the bike rack. I watched in horror as it bounced off the road while doing 55mph. Luckily the bouncing bike didn't hit a car or get run over.

I took the bike right back to the LBS and they were shocked by the story. The seat, rear rack and handle bars took the brunt of the impact. The frame wasn't bent and both rims survived! The guys at the bike shop were amazing and I got the bike today. I'm waiting on a new rear rack so I haven't taken it on a loaded trip. As soon as I get the new rack I'm headed out for a trip.

If there's any concern about the strength of the frame I can attest that it's incredibly strong. More photos to come.....


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Good looking bike! I have a soft spot for Trek with my Wisconsin roots. Was your rack a Thule T2? I've had a few close calls with mine. I just rig everything now with NRS straps.

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Very nice, I'm pretty brand neutral but owning a Trek myself I do favor them some.

I dig the color as well, matte is so underrated. Who ever thought shiny was all that anyway.

If I ever get a second bike, that might be well worth looking at. I think I might enjoy some touring now and then in addition to singletrack.


I bought one the first year they came out. I've run it all over - gravel rides, bikepacking, commuting to work. It's a great beast, particularly with a few tweaks and some good bags. I run 27.5x2.8 wheel and tire set for aggressive and heavy gravel, and a 29x2.0 touring tire setup for commuting. It's never the fastest horse in the herd but it sure is a good time.


Love my 920. I swapped out the drop bar for a flat. Made a huge difference managing a loaded front rack while riding occasional singletrack.