Treeline Aspen

Crazy Schooner

Fortune's A Mistress
Some bought the Airtop off me soon after I picked it up. So I ended up not sleeping in it. I just set up, put my blankets in and laid down. The mattress on the Airtop was a tad smaller only because the corners were cut out to make room for the hinges. So less headroom for two people. When the top was raised, it moved a little side to side and I didn't have it long enough to see if that was going to be annoying or noisy. The Columbus was easier to close due to just one side opening up as the Airtop needed some jumping back and forth with the straps to stop one side from slipping out and raising up again.

Personally I would say a regular full top up tent is great, but only if it used a rotating handle to open and close. If your solo and want covience then a clamshell is your best bet. Just don't overload it with blankets.