Travelling to Europe in USA registered car


What is the best way to travel in Europe in US registered FJ Cruiser? Should I travel with Carnet or request entry at each country?


Hi, I don't think you need a carnet, but insurance may be an issue.
plenty of US forces driving US reg cars in the UK..

Most of Europe with the exception of the UK & eastern countries is border free.



This is a new issue now travelling in europe. Anyone has any feedbank

So I picked up my FJ on October 9 from the port in Antwerp under temporary import, which we were told allow the FJ to legally remain in the EU for 180 days. Annoyingly enough, though, HUMAN visitors to the Schengen territory are only permitted to legally remain for 90 days every 6 months.That is, we are permitted to be in Schengen territory only for 3 months, then must exit for 3 months before being allowed back in for another 3 months, and so on. However, in order to drive our FJ into Turkey, we will be entering through either Greece or Bulgaria, both of which are EU countries. So, if we use the FJ now, as we are doing, for 3 months inside of the EU, and then leave the Schengen area (with my FJ) for 3 months, which we must do as human visitors, in theory, the 6-month EU-timer will have expired on our temporarily-imported FJ just in time for us to have to enter the EU again in order to cross through toward Turkey. *****Does anyone have experience with the temporary import EU law, and does anyone know how to "stop the 180-day clock" for the FJ during the time it is physically outside of the EU?


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Read up on EU and Schengen accord. Aplly for Tourist visa in one of the countries in Schengen, then apply for extension. Be prepared to have background check, 6months of bank statements....

"The current bank statement (preferably for the last 6 months)
In case one doesn't have a bank account or doesn't own enough funds to be taking care of their expenses during this travel, one must ask the visiting friends or relatives to sign an “official affidavit of support” at the corresponding office in his/her place of residence. Make sure you carry the original document when applying for the visa.
The applicant description of their trip, the purpose of travelling, the time frame and all the personal date written down in a letter.

In case of first time travelers, one must submit also:
Income tax returns for the last three years
The plane ticket reservation (One shall buy the ticket after getting the visa, as recommended).
Other documents, specified by the visa subtype

Use your Googler! EU, Schengen visa, non-Schengen, etc.

Or just claim to be Syrian, you will get housing and benefits...


In Europe noone checks the privat used cars at the borders, don't care about it.
We have traveler from Australia here their biggest problem was to get an insurance, the trucks itself were not controlled at the border nor was any paperwork with it.

It is really easy to travel with your own car to Europe.


how about importing a us registered ,1996 discovery one into the uk for a year? ive read up on it, sounds straight forward enough? is it ? how about insurance while in the uk? i may keep the vehicle in the uk after 12 months which means i would have to pay sales tax and register it in the uk. i want to use it for travelling in the uk as well as in europe,what potential isues would there be? thanks in advance

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In the UK there is an exemption from VAT and import duty if the vehicle you are importing has been owned by you for more than six months, and you are moving your place of residence to the UK. You are also not able to sell the vehicle for at least 12 months after importing it.

IMO it would have to a pretty unique disco to make it worthwhile. 96 Discos are two a penny here, and for the cost of shipping to the UK and back, you could actually buy a half decent one.