Transporting non-refrigerated food in the heat


We are planning to keep our non-refrigerated food in a large plastic bin in the back of the pick-up truck with tarp over the top of the bed. We are driving for two straight days in about 95 degree temps. Do you think the food will be OK or should we consider keeping it inside with us? The container is large and we are trying to minimize the amount of items we keep inside of the cab. We have a variety of foods like condiments, jarred baby food, can goods, bread, salsa, juice boxes, etc that would be in the bin. Thoughts?


Tail-End Charlie
Unopened containers won't matter as long as they don't pop.

Previously opened containers...dunno. I imagine bacteria grows fairly fast, but Dammit Jim, I'm an electrician, not a chemist. :D



I wouldn't worry so much about bacterial growth in unopened items but rather that some items might have an accelerated reduction in their shelf-life. It will be like slow-cooking them, so their taste and appearance might change for the worse.



Expedition Leader
no biggie, do it all the time in AZ desert. remember it all gets shipped around the country in non refrigerated trucks, and sits in non refrigerated distribution warehouses.