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Hey all,
Have been lurking away here for a year or two as we've been preparing for a 6 month trip London UK - Sydney AU. 4 weeks out from departure and I guess it's our turn to share (this is like show and tell).

The vehicle is currently enroute to London in the bowels of a car carrier somewhere in the Atlantic, and we will be setting off from London early July to drive overland through to Bangkok, where she'll be shipped to Fremantle (Western Australia) to cross the continent back into Sydney about Dec 15. You can follow the updates at http://transvecto.com

Will pop in a post here from time to time too.


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Welcome to ExPo, Benn! It will be fascinating to compare your journey in 2012 with the "First Overland" Land Rover expedition in 1956, even though their route went south through Iran, Pakistan, India to Singapore, while your trip goes though Russia, Mongolia, And China to Thailand.

Benn's choice of vehicle is modern, too: a VW Touareg. From Benn's web site:

"Preparation for the trip has included all terrain tyres (mainly for Mongolia), full size spare wheel carrier, nav unit with GPS maps for Europe, Asia as well as Australia, a few bits and pieces for security, a mechanical going over, Ross-Tech diagnostic tool, spare parts and a crash course in mechanics for me (tho I'm desperately hoping nothing forces me to prove it…) An Autohome Maggiolina roof tent will be fitted in the UK, and fridge will round it out. For now."

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wow this will be a fun trip; I guess your vehicle is from australia? I was going to ask how difficult it was to get thru the RTA to bring a vehicle in to australia.


This adventure is going to be AMAZING! Your blog looks great.
Thanks for posting a link here on EXPO. We'll be looking forward to updates!

Take care. ~Ben


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Dear Benn,

I hope God keeps your tires always at the right direction.

Looking forward for your news


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I'm also like the camel riding during my trip. It is a great tour for you and I think I'm jealous.
Such a nice places and good attractions. Keep it up and have a nice journey.