Trains, graveyards and ghost towns


change of pace... outside of wells, bc

Back to the creepy side of things.. random side of the road "art" collection

You First... I insist

And now for something completely different... a modern mining operation near mclease lake

Not so modern... these guys were all over the road




Just before entering Likely Bc

The other side of the bridge... complete calm

Back on the FSR to quesnel- forks

Sadly there were other people around so puppy gets her "happy face" put on

Welcome to quesnel- forks.

Um... housekeeping please

General store could make due with a lick of paint



Woke up to this in the morning

A little out of the ghost town there were some digs going on

Weird items in the world... that you just can't make up

Time to change the venue again... where the hell did the forest go?




Chasing crickets

You are here

After climbing through the valley we descended into the grasslands again... this is all in the vicinity of Gang ranch




Dog creek/Canoe FSR... way to much wash board on the first section of this road. Bilstien 6112's were not the answer for washboard

Camping outside Lac la Hace... timithoy mtn


108 mile ranch... we'd booked a horse trail ride for the morning and had some time to kill



2007 Expedition Trophy Champion, Overland Certifie
well being a desert dweller I have to say all that water is very cool to see....actually alot of it looks really cold :)

I like the variety of landscape you went through and thanks for taking us along.
Wow, great scenery and a bit of a history lesson too! All this made for a very enjoyable reading of your trip report.

Thanks for sharing.