Trailscape's 06 Tundra


It's almost that time again. I'm researching tires..

I was mostly set on purchasing KO2's, but now I'm kind of considering the Hankook Dynapro ATM.


Getting busy... Well, trying to at least. Been working between the rain this week.

Paint...paint...paint.. It's so glossy. I did the grille, bumper and panels below the headlights. Spraymax 2k is amazing..

Screw you windows... Haha. These were pretty simple to remove. Painting them dropped temps a good ten degrees in the sun. I'd like to find a 6' sheet of aluminum and replace them entirely.


I’d reconsider the KO2. Read reviews on getting them balanced. As much as I like the tire, the highway vibration is frustrating
It's almost that time again. I'm researching tires..

I was mostly set on purchasing KO2's, but now I'm kind of considering the Hankook Dynapro ATM.

Funny timing. I just switched from the Dynapro to the K02 so I'll share my thoughts. Keep in mind I had the ATM which they have now replaced with a version that's supposed to be even better called the AT2.

I felt like the Dynapro was an underrated all terrain. I really liked them. They wore well and had excellent wet traction.They have the 3 peak mountain snowflake rating and I think a 50k mile warranty. They were quiet too. I will admit I never had a chance to test them hard off road. Just some snow and ice. I had them about 13k miles before moving up to 33's and thats when I switched to the K02's in June.

The K02s are a great tire but there is one thing I hate. The tread design means they trap a ton of small gravel. If you don't drive on a lot of gravel this shouldn't be an issue. Once I leave the forrest rd and get back on pavement the body of my truck gets brutalized with flying gravel. I slightly wish I had gone with something else. I also have an annoying vibration at 70mph but I'm going to have discount tire check them at my first rotation. But, there is a reason the K02 is so popular, it's still a great tire and looks mean!

For reference, I'm running 285/70/17 C range on SCS wheels.

I may try the BFG Mud Terrains or Cooper STT Pros next.


Thanks for the feedback on the tires. I had put the original KO's on my 02 and thought they were great. I'm currently running Firestone Destination AT's.

I'm probably going to stick with the LT265/70/17 size. The Hankooks are a good $200 less on a set of four via Discount Tire Direct.


So, I installed some amber Rigid Pros in the bumper and they sure look nice, but I'm wondering how the Baja Designs yellow would compare.

Any experience with amber or yellow for offroad driving in dusty or snow conditions?

Also... I'm leaning toward Falken Wildpeak AT3's for tires now.
I have the BD squadron sport pro amber combos in the bumper. They are nice but not a huge distance. I do like them in dust, no fog to test yet. I have the onx6 light bar for the distance - 20”. It’s insane. I can’t imagine the 30”.

I have 1000 miles on my at3, street only, 315/70/17. So far love them, very quite great road manners and lighter than other brands in same size. Came from cooper atw3, they were LOUD. I’ll hace dirt on them soon. Others I have talked to have been very happy as well.

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