Trailer spare tire location

I can't decide where to mount my spare tire. It's a 285/75/16 to match my 100 series. My trailer is a tacoma sized utility bed mounted on a custom frame. My choices seem to in front of the bed, on a swing out to the rear, in the bed, and underneath the bed. I found a half a tire gate (the swing out part) for under $100, that I could mount to the rear fairly easily. I have a rear bumper made out of the same steel as the frame, so I would mount it to that. It also now has a rtt and rack on it, I don't really want to use the bed. I plan to keep fuel/water/propane in front of the bed, but that can be changed easily. Thoughts...



Gentleman Adventurer
Looks like you could mount the spare underneath without losing much clearance. I mounted the spare on my M-416 underneath using the spare tire pulley from my FJ-60. That way if is always out of the way taking up valuable space.


I think I am just going to fab up a swing away rear on my m101. I have the same tongue box as you and i have mounted it in the spot behind it before temporarily, but don't want to go too heavy on the tongue weight with the tire up there.