Trailer Park Brake solved with pictures


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I know people have successfully hooked them up but all I found after months of research was people asking about it, others trying things but never saying if it worked. Odds are the info is buried in someone’s build thread.

So here we go.

Handle. I chose an Orscheln Lever, Part number 02182700. The design is Called "Over Center" I found it for $19.00 on e-bay. Seems the average price on these is from $30-$60.

Cables. Control Cables inc. Parking Brake Cables | OEM replacement cables | Street Rod Parking Cables (562) 949-0455. These people rock. $100 shipped. Trying to piece this together from E-Trailer I was looking at almost $300. The cables would have been cut to fit and I would have had to figure out how to attach them to my backing plates.

They will ask you a ton of questions. I took a length of welding cable and draped it around to get my lengths. My backing plate tabs have a 9/16 hole. This seems to be standard. My dexter axle has a lever hanging down, 4” from the holder. They have all the parts no matter what configuration you have. I Ordered them Thursday night as they were closing and had them on Tuesday.

clevis end.jpg
Cable ends with clevis. Heavy housing and cable. The housing has 2 grooves cut for different thickness of mounting tabs. The retainer is an E-Clip.

Equalizer with adjuster.

Handle mounted. The top of the handle threads to adjust how far the cable is pulled. I have mine set to about 2/3 of the slot.

Backing plate.jpg
Here's the attachment at the backing plate.

under routing.jpg
Cable routing.

The cables are routed to when the axle moves, the cables won't bind or pull on the brake. You take the slack out of the cable at the equalizer then adjust the handle for the pull distance. After adjusting, I made sure the levers on the brakes went back completely.

The only things I had to make were the cable mount tab's under the body and in the handle. They were all 9/16 holes. They had mounts at Control Cables but I didn't want to pay for nice stainless pieces.