Trailer Light Question - '74 Coleman


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I've got a thred in here covering my project: "1974 Coleman Pop Up - Complete Gut Job"

Ive run into a lighting issue.

Rear Assembly is destroyed and not replaceable. Obsolete.


The 45 yr old plastic housing shattered when I tried to jiggle it out.

I'd like to add a new, more common, LED assembly.

Due to the contours of the trailer, I think this is about my only option.

Will these work for Stop/Drive/Turn, or are they Markers only?


Im going to have to cut a 3-1/8" x 8" stip of aluminum, Dicor it into place, and cut out an opening / install the new LED in place.

The contour:

Thanks for any info you have, Im out of my element when it comes to electrical. i can wore it up, just dont know what I need to buy.


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I can't tell much about that LED unit from a photo alone, but I will tell you if it has 2 wires on the back it's a marker light only. If it has 3 it can be a running/turn/brake combo.