Trailer Jockey/Nose wheels (Aussie style)


These are actually a pair of Magliner commercial hand truck tires. I bought them for my off-road trailer project to make Aussie-style jockey wheels, since I was not satisfied with the hard-plastic/rubber wheels available in the US. My thoughts being, if I want to unhitch and move the trailer on soft surfaces, I need the largest, smoothest rolling nose wheels I can get. The plan was to buy a normal swivel jack, throw away the caster that comes with it, and install 2 of these with a long 5/8" Grade 8 bolt.


They are foam-filled so no flat tires ever! They are the highest performance tires available from Magliner, and supposedly last 15 years in heavy commercial use, so pretty much lifetime on a trailer.

Manufacturer specs are as follows:

Load Capacity per wheel (lbs) - 350
Tire Size (inches) - 10x3.5
Weight per wheel (lbs) - 4.25
Recommended uses - S, G, F, R, D

S = smooth/semi smooth surfaces - hard surfaces

R = rough, uneven surfaces - dirt, sand, gravel

G = general purpose

D = route delivery

F = delicate floor protection, tile, carpet

$50 for the pair, shipped in the continental US. Brand new they are about $40 each shipped.