trailer hitch receiver vise


you could clamp your snatch strap in there and yank guys out of the mud and fix your stuff all at once.:)

pretty... but also pretty pricy for what it is.


... but also pretty pricy for what it is.
As a welder/fabricator I can tell you that price is very reasonable. I couldn't make one that nice for twice the price.

I have a buddy who mounted a vise to his motorcycle trailer. Practically every time we go out the desert it gets used.

Plus, there's this:

"Last, but not least, we've included a bottle opener. It seemed like the right thing to do."


It uses a 5/8" acme screw.... Very beefy.
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I've seen those and like the idea. I had a diamond plate top on my old Powerwagon winch bumper with a regular bench vise bolted to it. It got used quite a bit. I think it would be easy to weld some steel plate to some 2" square stock or tubing to put a med size (4.5") bench vise on that. Wouldn't be as compact as the fancy one shown above but I have a couple of extra vices. You just have to keep them wiped down with oil or WD40 if left in the weather.


Nice, then you can mount up your $40 POS Harbor Freight vise and hope that the casting isn't just crappy enough to crack on you as you put that last quarter turn on the handle trying to press in a u-joint cap in the middle of nowhere. It happened to me in a buddy's garage using one of their "too cheap to be true" bench vises, so for me it's not just a "what if?"

Full disclosure, I own the Mac's, but IMO it's was worth the extra few bucks for that peace of mind.


My trail buddy bought one of the early ones of these, and it certainly gets used. Since he carries a 12V Makita impact driver anyway, he chucks up the appropriate socket and screws the vise in and out faster than he can with a bench mounted vise.

Any comments about the serrated face on the vise? The early ones are smooth.



All things considered, that is actually not a bad price at all. You would spend at least the same on an similar sized Wilton, but you'd still have to fab up a mounting plate. You could always use the Wilton on your bench though. Then again, the Mac's comes with a bottle opener... tough call, but a pretty cool product.


We have one of these in the front receiver of the van. A vice is one of the most useful tools, and I wish we had it much earlier, probably would have saved my knuckles many times over when cutting something with the hack-saw or drilling while on the trail. Had considered bolting a regular vice down to a bumper, but never got around to it due to bulk and not finding one that fit well. This is fairly small, and uses the vehicle as the bulk.

The jaws have what is essentially sand embedded in the faces for gripping, but this mars what you clamp. I made some soft-jaws out of AL angle and machined some V grooves for holding rods (think motorcycle fork legs, or the like). It can rotate 90deg for holding items vertically.

I'm not a fan of the wrench/handle with all the advertising cut into it. Rather uncomfortable, but it works and it is handy.



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Pretty handy, but I wouldn't spend that much on such a rarely used item. Pretty sure you could do a lot of that stuff with a hi-lift?


Pretty handy, but I wouldn't spend that much on such a rarely used item. Pretty sure you could do a lot of that stuff with a hi-lift?
I caught a lot of **** from a friend when I bought one at the sand sport super show. Two years latter and I have to say it is one of the best purchases ever. I use it a lot. It is really well built. I like having the nut instead of the normal slide bar. I own a hi-lift also and will not detract from it's usefulness, but when you bend a tie rod, get a fiberglass flag on a quad mound stuck, or need to hold something to cut or weld nothing beats a good vice. Excellent product highly recommend it. I build my M1010 using that same vice mounted in the hitch saved time not having to run into the garage and back.


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I also made one for the front of the van. It came out so nice that a took a picture of it. Now I'm using an iPad so posting pictures is impossible. I think. Maybe somebody can tell me if it can be done? The van is in the driveway and it just a real handy place to have a vise. I built it with the front and rear in mind. I can turn it sideways and push it close to the bumper and have another hole in the shaft so I can pull it out for work. They are heavy to haul around but it's great in the driveway.