Trailer Build - Sound, Heat and Moisture Insulation Advice Help


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Hi, just finishing off my final exterior plans and hitting the aforementioned problem and what avenues I shall follow.

I'm from Scotland in UK, which if its -20C its very cold and if its 30c its very warm. It rains in generally a lot if not snowing in winter year round. Our summers are basically a few weeks a year
which could be considered as Hot. In general spring to end autumn your looking at 10c - 20c.

So what if anything do you recommend :- Im not a wealthy man, I hoard loads of following materials which I play around with

Polythene and HD Polythene
Aluminium Foils and Bubblefilms
Wood ( mostly harvested from pallets )

weight is the essence. I have to keep the trailer build 7 x 10 as light as possible as have a total of 750 kg ( 1650 lbs ) restriction as trailer not braked

Do any stick out or been used ? How did it respond ?

Sound issues I need for a compressor and generator noise box, so weight also be best if light.

Heat well in 7 x 10 camper I'm sure we all know it doesn't take long to heat up its more a attainable heat for when sleeping.

Any comments would be gratefully welcomed.


oh any comments re curves etc on sounds and light weight materials would be good too and how they would help.


Polystyrene. Low density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). The cheapest, lightest, fairly watertight material...a no-brainer. Often dis-respected due to low cost but really high dollar/value. Good sound reflective properties, meaning you need to put it between you and the noise. It is not the best sound-absorber, more of a barrier.