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Got a 05 4runner with the v6. Been thinking alot recently on building an expo trailer for family camping.2 adults 2 very young kids and a large dog. I keep going back and forth of using a same generation/ year 6ft tacoma bed or getting a full size utility box bed 6 or 8ft and cutting it down the center and narrowing it to the same track width as the 4runner. Only have suvs now and no more trucks. Need some help on ideas of which way to go.

Going to need a rtt with annex room,awning with room (need rooms with enclosed floor to keep animals insects out for kids play room), hot water/shower setup,water tank,spare tire,cooking/prep setup.

truck bed:
-more room for house projects/ moving large items
-visually appealing
-lighter weight
-drawer setups relatively easy to setup and make
-no sealed compartments unless bed cap
-harder access to everything unless big drawers
-harder to have sealed compartment and be able to raise rtt rack
-needs to have bed cap removable to put large things in (would be hard to makeit easily removable)
-higher cost for the bed with tailgate and tail lights

Utility box bed
-compartments for everything and lockable(less fab and secure)
-easy access to items
-easier to mount hot water/ cooking/prep stations
-center does not need to be enclosed so can put larger items in there/ rtt can come off easy
-should be cheaper to find used and a couple different door options
-heavy build
-cannot fit as large items in center once narrowed
-not as visually appealing
-cook and prep stations need more fab work to make small footprint larger for more table space
-maybe to much to tow offroad for the 4runner?

I have been leaning toward the utility bed but not sure how much usable room I would have in the center after narrowing for normal household chore type stuff. Thats how im going to get the wife to sign off on this project since she wants a small travel trailer.


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Why not build a cargo trailer toy hauler?

More floor space that's for sure and a lot better space efficiency

I've never seen a truck bed trailer that really had the tounge weight correct without looking weird.
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I am trying to keep the track width close to the 4 runners and also trying to keep the height while driving no higher than the 4runner. Trying to sleep 4 and a dog would still require a rtt or ground tent from what i have seen in those type of builds and that would make it to tall


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I'm not sure on why you need to narrow it...a 4Runner and Tacoma are not on the same platform, their track should be identical, no? Balance isn't much of an issue unless your using the short bed.

I'm using a truck bed, but I used a fiberglass tonneau cover that lifts with the RTT rack, so it keeps the contents sealed. I am however using only 12" actuators, but it's just BARELY enough for moving stuff. If you need function, you could look and going longer, or a type of scissor-lift tonneau cover type setup (I've seen these on other trucks).

I do like having the factory tail lights, I even got a box that re-splits the turn signals, and even wired up the reverse lights.

it's not the most practical trailer for moving stuff, but it does work.


I was just refering to narrowing if i get a full size utility bed.. those seem to be relatively cheap around here... your trailer is what has given me the idea for a truck bed. The rtt and keeping evrything sealed and still detachable looks like a ton of work and planning that i might not be interested in entirely

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If the trailer will be used for more than just camping then a truck bed trailer will suite you better. For sealed compartments there is an endless supply of water proof containers that can be loaded into the trailer.


I am trying to keep things mounted and quick setup as possible so when i do go camping im not taking everything out of bins and spending an hour to setup and or tear down.. guess i cant have both without sacrificing alot either way.. i dont move stuff that often but if a couch needs to be moved etc... i will have to take some measurements on a utility bed and see if i would have enough room in between


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You can, it just takes some work. I'd rather work hard on my trailer and get it setup the way I want, cause when it comes time to use it, it's a breeze. As a kid, I remember with my parents travel trailer all the unpacking and setup time required, especially setup in poor weather, and in the dark, and both. My goal is to minimize that time.


I am making a camp trailer out of my son's old XJ four door. I have seen a lot of these built but not quit the way I am going about it. I want the area inside to sleep in, so I have tub-ed it out. I have also taken the fire wall back by cutting out a foot from I between the windshield and the front door pillar. I plan on buying a roof-top tent for it. It will match my XJ. I wonder if you could find a shell the same body style as your 4-Runner and do something similar?