Trail Spare you should carry if you have a '92

Number 7

The carnage:

A couple weeks ago on the way back to camp from the end of Smiley Rock trail, fluid suddenly flew out the hood vent opening onto the windshield of my XJ. The temperature gauge immediately started climbing and I started shouting 'May Day' over the CB. Luckily there was a place to pull off the road not very far ahead. We got stopped, opened the hood and found that the top of the Heater Valve just blew off!

The trail repair: To get back on the road George simply by-passed the heater all together. He disconnected the return line and connected the heater hose right to the return.

The part:

PN 5600 5900 Valve, Water, 4 Port
AKA PN 74777 - Vaccuum Bypass Closes Heater Valve

George had saved this off the donor Cherokee so we had one, although is is now our spare that we're going to carry from now on. We bought a new one for the repair since the spare is just as old as the one that broke.

They have them at Vato Zone for around $25.

I'm grateful that my engine didn't burn up. I don't know what all years Jeep used this heater valve; mine is the only one I've seen. You might want to look under your hood to see if you have one. This is a spare part I recommend for '92 owners for sure, it can break with no warning. Even though there's an easy trail fix to get home, you won't want that option if it's cold.

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Hill Bill E.

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One of the worst designs I know of, and a common failure (and not just on the trail)

I think the material used degrades fairly quick for an integral automotive part. Once weakened, it doesn't take much for them to blow.

We ended up doing the same 'trail fix' on my friends XJ while on the way home from Utah a few years ago.

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